Kianti's Menu



Kianti's Dessert


cannoli filled with sweet ricotta cream and chocolate chips. drizzled with gourmet chocolate and caramel sauce.

Kianti's Kookie 

Two warm homemade chocolate chip cookies stuffed with Marianne's vanilla bean ice cream & covered with gourmet chocolate sauce.


A thin chiffon base soaked in coffee syrup and topped with a creamy mixture made from sugar, fresh cream cheese and Marsala wine. Dusted with cocoa powder.

Chocolate Mousse 

A delicate chocolate wafer crust filled with rich but light whipped chocolate mousse. Topped with fresh whipped cream and freshly shaved chocolate.


The classic New York cheesecake with a hint of lemon and a graham cracker crust.


Marianne's famous coffee chocolate ice cream with almond shavings on an Oreo cookie crust..

Vanilla Bean 

Marianne's famous vanilla bean ice cream.

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