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Never A Dull Moment

Here is a glimpse of what Kianti's brings to your table and we're not just talking food.

Happy Hour


Looking for a relaxing end to a stressful day or week?


Did you just spend the day behind a cubicle filled with deadlines and way too much paperwork?


Are term papers or studying for final tests driving you insane?


Does your office staff need a place to hang after the annual budget review?


Let Kianti's put an ice cold beer or a refreshing cocktail in your hand. Even better, enjoy your beverage while watching the latest sporting event on a 60" flat screen and unwind from your day.


Join us Monday through Friday in our bar area between the hours of 3:00 - 6:00 pm for:


$3 drafts
$3 well cocktails
$4 wine
Discounts on select appetizers


Refer to our menu page for our full Happy Hour menu.

Pizza Spinning Talent


These two champions have traveled the world competing and performing their pizza spinning talents. In doing so, both have been recruited by the World Pizza Champions team. For more information on the team or to read their biographies visit

Jay Schuurman

Pizza is one of the most perfect foods in the world. Itís a popular food in almost any country. You can find it anywhere from fine dining restaurants to small humble pizzeriaís. It can be loaded with fresh vegetables to suit the vegetarians or it can be pilled with tasty meats for the carnivores like myself. You can eat it fresh and hot out of the oven, or it even makes a great leftover when you have a couple cold slices in the morning. Then a new element was introduced into the mix: acrobatic talent with pizza dough spinning.

I started making pizzas three years ago at a brewery called the Russian River Brewing co. where I grew up in Santa Rosa. I made pizzas there for a year and moved to Santa Cruz only knowing a few tricks. I started here at Kianti's Restaurant where I began apprenticing pizza acrobats from Justin Wadstein and was eager to learn more. I am a quick learner and placed 3rd in my first competition at the World Pizza Games in Las Vegas back in 2005. I have been competing ever since and still enjoy it to this day. Itís a rare talent that is becoming bigger every year so my main focus is developing more ambitious and challenging routines that will be remembered and broadcasted for people to be entertained.

Justin Wadstein

My name is Justin Wadstein and I am a five time world pizza spinning champion. I have been spinning dough for a little less than nine years now. I started in a small pizza place working for my grandparents at age 13. Little did I know this would lead to an experience of a lifetime. In my last few years of competitions I have traveled all around the country and even through parts of Italy.

I now have the joy of working at Kianti's Pizza & Pasta Bar. Beside the great food, the atmosphere is unlike any restaurant I've been to. The owners, Tracy and Kelly, have always supported my skills. They set up my routines, sponsored me to go on trips and have even watched as I amazed the crowds in Chicago and Las Vegas. So come in and visit us... you won't believe it.

Dancing Staff

If you've ever been to Kianti's on a Friday or Saturday night you've probably been amazed by an unexpected burst of entertainment. The lights flicker, the staff disappears and the music begins. For the next five minutes the entire staff, including a flame-raising kitchen, will entertain you with a choerographed performance that will have you clapping your hands and cheering outloud.

Soon into the performance enter our World Pizza Spinning Champions demonstrating their unique and difficult talents. You will truly be amazed by these young competitors.

Bring the whole family to enjoy our show and we're sure our food and entertainment will bring you back for more.

Dancing Staff - Photo 1

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